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1. How do I apply for a position on a Board or Commission?
2. How do I contact Animal Control?
3. How do I contact City staff or departments?
4. How to I find City of Eden employment opportunities?
5. How do I find information about bus routes?
6. How do I present an issue to the Eden City Council?
7. How do I obtain a business license?
8. How do I obtain a copy of a city ordinance?
9. How do I obtain a marriage, birth or death certificate?
10. How do I report issues to the City of Eden?
11. How do I use the city's automated attendant when I am calling a department?
12. Where does City Council meet?
13. What is CodeRED and why is it important to me?
14. Where is the Driver's License Office?
15. Where may I get vehicle tags?
16. Where is my voting location?