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1. What is the NC Birding Trail?
2. How can I help to promote the NC Birding Trail?
3. What are the benefits of the NC Birding Trail?
4. How can I purchase an NC Birding Trail guide?
5. Will sites be allowed to sell the NC Birding Trail guides for profit?
6. When can sites expect visitors who are traveling the NC Birding Trail?
7. What kind of questions can site managers expect from visiting birders?
8. How can people find out what birds they might see or hear at a particular site?
9. What are some other birding resources I can suggest to birders who visit my site?
10. Will there ever be a chance for new sites to be added to the Trail?
11. Does the NC Birding Trail have any support available to assist with site improvements?
12. Are signs be available for each site?