City of Eden Strategic Plan

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In 2017, the City of Eden conducted interviews with area citizens for input on a strategic plan to help the city improve and grow for the next several years. We enlisted a committee of passionate and dedicated people who love their community to meet with hundreds of engaged residents, working together to create a vision for the future, with implementable strategies and measures for success.Citizen engagement provides the cornerstone for good community planning – ensuring that as many thoughts, ideas, and opinions as possible are shared and discussed. Successful strategic planning requires that choices be made, and that those choices be consistent with broader community goals and values. Eden now has a blueprint for taking chances and acting boldly.

The City of Eden Five Year Strategic Plan, known as Positively Eden!, is intended to look beyond physical planning and discuss what Eden can do in the next five years to thrive, with strategies that will guide investment, development, and service allocation in a community. The feedback and ideas submitted by the community members who devoted time to this process have delivered a clear vision, and a set of goals and guidelines for the City to follow to achieve this vision.

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Read the annual report detailing progress here.