Enhancing Your Water


In a continuing effort to improve water quality the city of Eden will embark in a modification of their current water treatment process in the fall of 2015. The new process will involve switching the disinfectant from free chlorine to chloramines in order to comply with new federal standards regarding the reduction of by-products produced during the disinfection process. Chloraminated water is safe for bathing, cooking, drinking and all other uses we have for water every day. There are however, three groups that need to take special precautions when using chloraminated water: specialized businesses using highly treated water; fish, pond and aquarium owners, and kidney dialysis patients.

Specialized Industries

Businesses and industries that use highly processed water for manufacturing, food and beverage, laboratory procedures, seafood handling, commercial laundering, biotech or other processes need to carefully monitor water characteristics. Companies should contact their water treatment equipment supplier for assistance.

Fish, Pond, and Aquarium Owners

Chloramines pose a threat because water is absorbed through the gills directly into the bloodstream, disabling the red cell ability to carry oxygen. Unlike chlorine, which rapidly dissipates over a shorter period of time and when boiled, chloramine is a more persistent and a longer lasting disinfectant. Therefore it is extremely important for fish and amphibian owners to neutralize or remove chloramines from water used in tanks and ponds. Ammonia levels should also be monitored. Products are available at pet supply stores.

Kidney Dialysis Patients

Similar to chlorine, chloramines in dialysis water is toxic and must be removed before it enters the bloodstream. The digestive system neutralizes chloraminated water before it enters the bloodstream making it completely safe for bathing, cooking, and drinking. Medical Centers that provide services are aware of the conversion. Customers with home Dialysis equipment should contact their physicians and equipment manufacturer for assistance.


Contact your local water provider:

City of Eden Water Filtration Plant: 336-627-1009 option 3

City of Eden Environmental Services Department: 336-623-7789 option 4