Educating Kids Against Gun Violence

Why EKG?

In the US in 2013, 84.5% of all homicides of people 15 through 19 years of age were firearm-related. Young black men from 15 through 34 years of age have the highest rates of firearm-related homicide. This is true in our community too and most of these homicides are occurring at house parties. This program is based on just that; 16-year-old Jamari Thomas has problems. His parents are constantly arguing with each other. His grades are slipping, and a school bully is always on his case. When Jamari turns to a gang for help, he discovers that the consequences of his actions will destroy not only his life but also the lives of the people he loves.

What is EKG?

Educating Kids about Gun violence (EKG) is a youth gun violence education and prevention program. This is an interactive training for youth presented by uniformed police officers. EKG works to prevent youth gun violence by educating students about the legal, medical, and emotional consequences of youth gun possession and related gun violence, as well as encouraging young people to consider options and choices available to them in situations involving guns. The EKG curriculum targets middle school (7th Grade) students.