Neighborhood Watch Program

Why start a Neighborhood Watch?

Because law enforcement officers cannot be on every street corner, citizen involvement is necessary to combat crime.

You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community.

By cooperating with each other and with the police, citizens can help fight crime in the most effective way – preventing the victimization of themselves, their families and friends.

How do Neighborhood Watch groups work?

Neighborhood Watch groups work with law enforcement to keep a trained eye and ear on their communities, while demonstrating their presence at all times of day and night. The groups work because they reduce opportunities for crime to occur; they do not rely on altering or changing the criminal’s behavior or motivation.

What do watch group members do?

Neighborhood Watch groups are not vigilantes and should not assume the role of the police. Their duty is to ask neighbors to be alert, observant and caring — and to report suspicious activity or crimes immediately to the police. They can do this by:

• Holding regular meetings to help residents get to know each other.

• Asking people who seldom leave their homes to be “window watchers,” looking out for children and reporting any unusual activities in the neighborhood.

• Sponsoring cleanups, encouraging residents to beautify the area and asking them to turn on outdoor lights at night.

  1. Jim Robertson