Taxicabs & Other Vehicles for Hire

Any person desiring a driver's permit shall apply for it upon an application approved by the City Council and secured from the Police Department, which shall contain the following information: date of application, name of applicant, color, address, nationality, height, weight, age, Class C License number and date of issuance, number of years lived in county, present occupation, previous place of residence, driving experience, record of accidents or collisions for past three years if any, court records, names and addresses of three reputable references and such other information as the Council may require.

No license for the operation of public vehicles shall be issued, nor shall any public vehicle be operated on the streets of the city, unless and until the City Council has issued a certificate that public convenience and necessity require the operation thereof.

Application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity shall be made to the City Council and shall set forth:
  • (A) The name and address of the applicant;
  • (B) The trade name under which the applicant does or proposes to do business;
  • (C) Where the proposed stands and garages are to be located;
  • (D) The number of vehicles the applicant desires to operate;
  • (E) The class, seating capacity, design and color scheme of each vehicle;
  • (F) The lettering and marks to be used thereon;
  • (G) Whether the applicant has been convicted of the violation of any state or municipal law;
  • (H) An agreement or stipulation that the applicant will operate and continue to operate during the bona fide time the certificate shall remain in effect; and
  • (I) Any other information required by the City Council.

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