Itinerant Merchants

A person who transports goods to a building, vacant lot or other location in the City and who, at said location displays the goods, offers the goods for sale, or sells the goods at retail, for a period of less than six consecutive months. An itinerant merchant shall not include a person with an established retail store in the City or a person who sells farm produce.

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in transient business in one locality, without having a valid itinerant merchant's license. Each itinerant merchant shall obtain his, her, or its separate merchant's license prior to engaging in business.

Before engaging in a business activity as a peddler, itinerant merchant or charitable solicitor in the City, a person shall make an application with the City Clerk which shall be upon a form approved by the City Manager and filed with the Clerk.

Access the Itinerant Merchant Application Form (PDF).