Charitable Solicitations

Charitable solicitations include persons that go from house to house or cause another person to go from house to house soliciting property or financial assistance of any kind or selling or offering to sell any article, tag, service, emblem, publication, ticker, advertisement, subscription or anything of value on the plea or representation that such sale or solicitation or the proceeds therefrom are for a charitable, educational, patriotic, or philanthropic purpose.

It shall be unlawful for any person to go or cause another person to go from house to house to carry on the activities of a charitable solicitor, without having a valid charitable solicitor's license. Each charitable solicitor shall obtain his, her or its separate charitable solicitor's license prior to going from house to house to engage in such activities. (Ord. passed November 19, 1996) Penalty, see § 7-258

Before engaging in a business activity as a peddler, itinerant merchant or charitable solicitor in the City, a person shall make an application with the City Clerk which shall be upon a form approved by the City Manager and filed with the Clerk.