Boards & Commissions

Board of Adjustment                 

The Board of Adjustment hears appeals from citizens regarding decisions or determinations made by the Zoning Administrator on the Zoning Ordinance.

Community Appearance Commission                 

The Community Appearance Commission works on beautification projects and develops programs that promote improved appearance of the community. 

Eden Youth Council                 

Dedicated to personal development and servant leadership, empowered to meet the needs of the youth of our community. 

Historic Preservation Commission                 

The Historic Preservation Commission works to promote, protect and preserve the history of the community. The Commission has the authority to designate and regulate historic landmarks and districts.

Parks, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenways Commission

Advise, promote and educate parks, recreation, open space and greenway issues.

Planning Board                 

The Planning Board makes recommendations on matters pertaining to land use and zoning issues in the community.

Strategic Planning Commission

The Strategic Planning Commission creates and devises planning documents for approval by the City Council and guides investment, development and service allocation.  It promotes economic development and quality of life for the City of Eden.

Tree Board                 

The Tree Board works on projects which promote the importance of trees to the community and the environment.