Water Treatment / Filtration Division

The Robert A. Harris Water Filtration plant was completed in October, 1978. Expansion of the filter plant was completed in October, 1994. The water plant currently staffs 8 personnel. It's facilities now have the capacity to produce 21 million gallons per day (MGD) of treated water. In addition to the water filtration plant, the other major facilities include the following:
  • An intake and raw water pumping station on the Dan River located on the south end of Bridge Street.
  • Three booster pump stations located on Summit Road, Caleb Street and Dunn Street.
  • Seven thousand feet of 30-inch pipeline deliver water from the raw water pumping station to the pre-settling impoundment (lake).
  • 15,500 feet of 30-inch, 22,000 feet of 24-inch, 3400 feet of 20-inch, and 36,000 feet of 16-inch service water transmission lines deliver water to the City of Eden.
  • Five elevated storage tanks within the city limits.