Public Utilities

The Public Utilities Department directs the operation of the Water Filtration Plant and the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Important Information about your City Services below

The following City Services are provided by and through the Municipal Services Department, Phone 336-623-2110 Option 4.  The Collection and Distribution Division – (Repairs and Maintenance for Water and Sewer Line and Pump Stations – Water and Sewer Emergencies); The Solid Waste Division – (provides collection for trash, recycling, and bulk pickup of resident household and yard waste); and the Streets Division – (Street Repairs, signs and stoplights) are part of our Municipal Services Department.  

For Water and Sewer Emergencies, call 336-415-4444 after hours for Person on Call for emergencies or 336-623-2110 option 4 during weekdays.

For Questions about Solid Waste – Trash Can Collection or Bulk Waste Pickup, Street repairs or signs issues, or broken water- sewer lines or water outages call 336-623-2110 option 4 or 336-627-4688 during business hours.

For information regarding a water-sewer-solid waste account or to pay Water Bills, call Billing and Collections at 336-623-2110, Option 1.