Services Fees

Sale of Materials

Fee Amount
Photocopies, if mailed or faxed
$5 if ordered over the internet
($3 to City, third part $2)
Photograph $1
Accident Reports (duplex copy $1
Parking Infractions $10
Fingerprinting Fee (on voluntary basis) $5 residents (up to 2 cards)
$10 non-resident within Rockingham County (up to 2 cards)
$20 non-resident outside Rockingham County (up to 2 cards)
$5 each for additional cards
Police Security Charges $35 per hour (including fringe benefits)
Binders and Other Supplies Cost
Vehicle Impoundment Fee $5 per day

Precious Metal Fees

Service Fee Amount
Owner's Administrative Fee $180 (non-refundable)
Fingerprint Fee $10
Employee (SBI Record Check) $38 (non-refundable)
Processing Fee $10
Fingerprint Fee $10
Renewal Processing Fee $3