Posted on: September 7, 2017

Things NOT to flush!

City of Eden - grease

As a city, we are doing as much as we can with what resources we have to update our infrastructure and better protect the rivers that helped form this community. Most events are out of our control, such as flooding from heavy rains, but many problems that occur can be prevented by you as a community being educated and aware. Two of our biggest issues are grease and wipes.

Our grease program has helped educate area restaurants, but there is still a significant amount of grease that may come from residents who dispose of grease improperly. Remember to wipe all dishes into the trash and never pour grease into the sink. If you do have a garbage disposal, remember that this is not a trash can. You still have to scrape all solids into the trash. The disposal is only designed for the little scraps that make it through.

Wipes are supposed to be disposed of in the trash can, no matter what kind they are. Yet wipes of various kinds still make it into the system. Many times they cause blockages in the lines, but they can sometimes make it to the plant, wreaking havoc along the way. We even lost a small piece of equipment this past year that was used to detect flow after it was wrapped up in wipes and eventually pulled away. That’s an unnecessary expense for replacement that never should have occurred. Some wipes may say that they are flushable, but in the fine print, they limit it to no more than two. By no means do they actually break apart like toilet paper, so even at a limit of two, they meet other wipes in the system and eventually form a very tough wad that takes hours of our workers’ time to remove.

When problems are in specific areas of town, we try to get out informative brochures or door hangers that cover how to prevent whatever the problem is. If you ever receive one of these, please make sure that you take it seriously. All efforts by our citizens are appreciated and needed. There is information on the website (www.edennc.us) if you would like to learn more.

If you have any further questions about our sewer system or want to know even more, please feel free to contact Wastewater Superintendent Melinda Ward at 336-627-1009, ext. 130. I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and even conduct quick tours of our facility as time allows.

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