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  1. Downtown Areas

    Eden resulted from the consolidation of the independent communities of Leaksville, Spray and Draper, as well as the Central Sanitary District, in 1967.

  2. Downtown Draper Business Directory

    Access the Downtown Draper Business Directory.

  3. Event Space for Lease

    See a listing of facilities providing space for both informal and formal occasions.

  4. Historic Eden Business Directory

    See a listing of historic Eden businesses and the corresponding contact information.

  5. Location

    View a map of the region and driving times to regional cities.

  6. Parking

    View maps displaying where parking lots are located.

  7. River Blog

    Read entries from the River Blog.

  8. Things to Do

    Find out what activities there are to take part in the City of Eden.

  9. Tourism

    Eden is a community providing numerous quality tourism events and attractions. We assist in making lifelong memories for our visitors and citizens alike.

  10. Transportation

    Browse a listing of local transportation options.