Municipal Services


The Municipal Services Department oversees the direction of all the city's water/sewer lines, distribution systems, street division, solid waste division and the city's fleet division.
  1. Collection & Distribution Division

    Services include water and sewer lines, replacing piping, making repairs and assisting in snow and ice control.

  2. Facilities & Grounds Maintenance Division

    The Facility and Grounds Division is responsible for maintaining and making repairs at all City owned facilities.

  3. Fleet Maintenance Division

    Count on Fleet Maintenance to maintain all city equipment and vehicles, keep records on equipment and vehicles and maintain city's fuel dispensing system.

  4. Solid Waste Division

    Locate information regarding solid waste services in your community.

  5. Streets Division

    Rely on your Street Department to maintain all streets, conduct mowing and litter control and operate the leaf collection system.

  6. Construction Projects